Yore America Website

Welcome to the new Yore America.com blogsite.   At YoreAmerica.com you can Personalize American History with …

 BOOKS – the most original of today’s historical & mystical fiction is available in soft cover books, Amazon Kindle & Nook readers. You will enjoy reading every tall tale and exciting story that presents a myriad of people,  places and events – free intros & excerpts of all books at YoreAmerica

        Dutchmen    The GUIDE     VISITATIONA     The FADER

REPRINTS – several previously published in-print history articles with  k.e.Lonetto’s byline – read about shipwrecks, forts, bootleggers, Queens NY history, George Washington & more 


THE ACCOUNTS –exciting, on-the-scene MP3 audio narratives of The Raids – unusual happenings in history – hear about the Deerfield Raid, Yankee-Pennamite War, Chinatown raids & more

READINGS – three 1900’s supernatural tales, read by the author with original background music – hear about a sad librarian who meets the devil; a cemetery caretaker who finds horror; a faithful veteran on a bizarre mission        


VIDEOS & VIEWS – with stories & illustrations, you will read about unique characters & visit odd places in our history – meet Spanish Conquistadores,  Russian colonists in Alaska & the Hawaiians of 1824Dutch Manhattan and Colonial Williamsburg

So, visit YoreAmerica and enjoy

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