A Kentucky Schoolgirl – 1816

lincolnAll great legendary characters in history often become the subject of legends and lore.  I came across one particular story that I thought might make for a good letter from time, especially this month.

 From Kentucky in 1816

 My name is Hannah. I am just a young girl who lives in the Kentucky woods. One day, I was wandering around by myself and thinking when something strange came to me. You see, I was unhappy that afternoon because my school was closed since last year. There weren’t enough students for the school to stay open. I suppose I understand because there are less than 20 of us, hardly a fit number for the waste of a teacher’s salary.  It’s hard for me to explain, but I really miss the lessons I was learning in that school. I know we all belong in school and it was proven to me on one particular day.

You see,when I was out walking I came across some friends of mine. I saw two of my friends who should have been in school learning those lessons, but weren’t able to be there ‘cause the school was closed. They were both seven-year old boys, playing way too close to Knob Creek for their own good. Apparently, the boys spotted some partridge on the other side of the water and were excited by the idea of catching one of the birds for supper. Since heavy rain had flooded the creek, they moved a thin log across the water and begin to cross. I looked at them, shook my head and was about to call out a warning.

Then, I became so horribly afraid. One of the boys fell into the rushing water. I knew that neither one of them could swim well. So, I ran over to try and help. Before I reached them, however, the boy on dry land grabbed a pole, climbed back onto the log and dragged his drowning friend to safety. He shook his friend and rolled him on the ground until water was finally pushed out of his limp body. I was really scared for a moment. But the boys were more upset from their close call with the grim reaper. And they promised each other not to tell anyone for fear that their mothers might keep them apart.

It was such a quick moment with a happy ending. But something was tickling away at my mind like a pestering gnat.  As I left those silly boys alone, I wondered if anything about the future would be changed just because Austin Gollaher saved Abe Lincoln’s life on a ordinary afternoon.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into the past and will visit here for future postings. In the meantime, for more historical fact and fiction, please visit www.yoreamerica.com.  See you there.  Kathy Lonetto

2 comments on “A Kentucky Schoolgirl – 1816

  1. Great little story. I didn’t suspect the ending 🙂

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